The Plans Room LLC is an information center for the construction industry in Alaska. We track all of the projects that are out for bid including all Federal, Municipal, State, School Districts, Housing Authorities, Universities, Utilities, etc. as well as many of the larger private projects in the retail, hotel, and medical sectors. We compile all of this information and have it available on our website for our subscribers, including the plans, specifications, addenda and supporting documents.

There are two levels of membership – our Basic Level provides all of the news and tools that our website has to offer. You can see all the information about the project, bid date, owner, architects, bidders lists, bid results etc. Our Upgraded Service Level will access all of the news and tools, plus you will be able to view/print/download all of the specifications, blueprints and addenda associated with each project. The Upgraded level also lets you search for key words throughout all of the specs and addenda – called our SAM Search. 

Membership Fees


(52 weeks of Online Access)

(26 weeks of Online Access)

Optional Weekly Mailed Report
(in addition to above)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This Agreement consists of online access to and use of THE PLANS ROOM facilities and services for the length of time as per the following: one year equals 52 weeks of online access, and a half year equals 26 weeks of online access, per the attached agreement.

This subscription is a Company subscription. As such, all direct employees of the subscribing company may have full use of the services. Subcontractors, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, consultants, joint partnerships, branch offices, etc. are not considered part of the subscribing company and are not afforded rights. Each branch office or subsidiary will be required to have individual accounts and will be charged accordingly.

Payment in advance is required. Any special billing is subject to approval by management. An Anniversary date will be assigned at the beginning of your subscription as per the above mentioned lengths of time. As your anniversary date approaches, you will be notified in advance with an invoice showing the amount due to keep your account current. We require payment in advance of your anniversary date to continue an uninterrupted flow of services. Nonpayment constitutes immediate cancellation of the weekly report, online access, and use of all services.

The Plans Room LLC Online

  • Information updated in “real time”, when we get the information – so do you!
  • Plans, Specs & Addenda scanned and available on line!
  • Current project information in a variety of formats
  • Add your Company to a bid list!
  • Track projects you are interested in with “My Projects”
  • Receive updates with automatic e-mail!
  • Order copies of Plans online!
  • Create Custom Searches and Filters!
  • Plans Holders’ Lists in a printable format, with links to Company profiles
  • Projects in Pre-planning stage
  • Bid Results and Award information
  • Access to Archive information
  • Custom search options – by CSI codes & key words!
  • Search all specs & addenda for key words!

The Plans Center

  • Plans library with access to computers to view online projects
  • Copy machines available (full size plans, no problem!)
  • Friendly Staff to serve you!
  • Weekly Report available at an optional, additional cost